BlackWall Property Funds

BlackWall Property Trust (ASX Code: BWR)

BlackWall Property Trust commenced listing on the ASX in October 2011.

BlackWall Property Trust is a diversified real estate investment trust (REIT) holding a portfolio of industrial, retail and commercial Australian properties, and unlisted property securities. The trust is implementing counter cyclical strategies to grow income streams for distribution and sustainable capital growth. Specifically the trust will:

  • grow the rental income of it's direct property portfolio;
  • acquire income producing real estate;
  • increase its property securities holdings in particular trusts to a
    point of control of the underlying real estate;
  • sell or trade out of some property securities holdings;
  • acquire small or distressed property investment structures;
  • form strategic asset joint ventures and partnerships.

BlackWall Property Trust (ASX 代码: BWR)

BlackWall Property Trust 于2011年十月份在澳州证卷交易所上市。

BlackWall Property Trust 是一家多元化房地产投资信讬公司,它擁有工业、零售、及商业化产业。这家信托公司应用反周期性策略以增加收入耒派發股息及保持隱定的资金成長。該策略强调以下的方針:

  • 增加产业的租金回酬
  • 应用收入于收购房地产
  • 增加于其他信托公司的证券股份来控制他们的物业
  • 房地产股份的交易
  • 收購小形或陷入财务危机的产业公司
  • 成立合营企业
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  • $ 0.3000 / unit as at 30 June 2011
  • $ 0.3000 / unit as at 31 Dec 2010
  • $ 0.3000 / unit as at 30 June 2010
  • $ 0.5015 / unit as at 30 June 2009
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